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Nortel Exams
150-420: Brocade Certified Layer 4-7 Professional 2010156-315.71: Check Point Certified Security Expert R71
156-910.70: Check Point Certified Security Administrator R70 Upgrade156-915.71: Check Point Certified Security Expert Update Blade
640-722: Implementing Cisco Unified Wireless Networking Essentials (IUWNE) 642-732: Conducting Cisco Unified Wireless Site Survey (CUWSS)
642-742: Implementing Cisco Unified Wireless Voice Networks (IUWVN)650-281: C-Series Servers for Account Manager
650-286: C-Series Servers for Engineer650-663: Cisco SP Video Sales for AM
650-665: Cisco SP Video Wireline and Cable Headend Design for SE650-667: Cisco SP Video Cable Access Networks Design for SE
650-669: Cisco SP Video Digital Media Design for SE70-516: TS: Accessing Data with Microsoft .NET Framework 4
70-573: TS: Microsoft SharePoint 2010, Application Development70-576: PRO: Designing and Developing Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Applications
70-667: TS: Microsoft SharePoint 2010, Configuring77-886: SharePoint 2010
920-105: Symposium Call Center Server Installation & Maint920-106: NNCSS SYMPOSIUM CALL CENTER EXAM
920-107: NNCSS-Periphonics MPS 100 Installation and Maintenance920-108: NNCSS-Periphonics MPS 100 Technical Support
920-110: Meridian SL-100 Maintenance920-111: VoIP Communication Server(CS)2100
920-112: Media Processing Server(MPS)500-Technical Support920-113: MPS 500 Installation and Maintenance
920-114: NNCSS-Symposium Web Center Portal920-115: Communication Server 2100 SE08/SE09 Support Specialist
920-118: Symposium Call Center Server TAPI/Agent Inst/Main920-119: Symposium Call Center TAPI/Agent
920-120: NNCSS MPS 100 Application Developer Exam920-121: MPS Application Developer
920-122: NNCSS MPS Application Developer-Speech920-123: NCSS-BayStack/BPS Switching Exam
920-124: Nortel Ethernet Switching920-125: VoIP Succession BCM 3.0
920-128: MPS 500 Rls.3.0 Operations and Maintenance920-129: Nortel Self-Service Solution Engineering
920-131: Symposium Express Call Center Inst and Maint920-132: Media Processing Server Rls.3.0 Application Developer
920-133: BayStack Switching920-136: Ethernet Switching Solutions
920-138: VoIP Succession 1000/1000M Rls. 3.0 Installation & Maintenance920-139: VoIP Multimedia Communication Server (MCS) 5100 Rls. 3.0
920-140: VOIP Multimedia Communication Server(MCS)5100 3.0920-141: Communication Server (CS) 1000 Release 4.0
920-146: Symposium Call Center Server 5.0920-157: CallPilot 2.x/3.0
920-158: CallPilot 4.0 System Administrator920-159: ncss callpilot 2.x/3.0
920-160: Communication Server (CS) Rls. 4.0 Hardware Installation & Maintenance920-162: CallPilot 4.0 Installation & Maintenance (I&M)
920-165: Contact Center Ris.6.0920-166: Contact Center Multimedia Ris.6.0
920-167: Contact Center RIS.6.0 Application Developer920-170: Symposium Call Center Server 5.0 Application Developer
920-172: Nortel Communication Control Toolkit Rls. 6.0920-173: Nortel Contact Center Rls. 7.0 Technical Support
920-174: Nortel Contact Center Manager Rls. 7.0 Install and Config920-175: Nortel Communication Control Toolkit Rls. 7.0 Implementation
920-177: Nortel Contact Center Rls. 7.0 Administration & Scripting920-178: Nortel Contact Center Rls. 7.0 Sales Engineering
920-180: Real Time Networking920-181: CallPilot Rls.5.0 Engineering
920-183: CallPilot RIs.5.0 System Administrator920-191: BCM50 Rls.1.0 Installation & Initial Configuration
920-192: Business Communications Manager 50 Rls. 1.0920-193: Business Communications Manager 50 (BCM50) Rls. 1.0
920-196: BCM 50/200/400 Sales Engineering920-197: BCM50 Rls.2.0 & BCM200/400 Rls.4.0 Config & Maintenance
920-199: BCM50 Rls. 2.0 & BCM200/400 Rls. 4.0 Installation, Configuration & Maintenance920-203: Passport 7000/15000
920-209: NCDS-Multiservice Switch 7400/15000/20000920-215: NCSS Passport 7000/15000 exam
920-216: Multiservice Switch 7000/15000/20000 - Operations and Maintenance920-220: Nortel Converged Campus ERS Solution
920-231: Contivity VNP Switch920-232: Contivity VPN Switch Release 5.0
920-234: Nortel VPN Router Rls.7.0 Configuration & Management (NCSS)920-235: Nortel VPN Gateway Rls.7.0 Configuration & Management
920-236: VPN Router Rls. 8.0 Solutions920-237: Nortel VPN Router Rls. 8.0 Configuration & Management
920-238: WLAN 2300 Rls. 4.1 Implementation & Management920-240: Nortel Wireless Mesh Network Rls 2.3 Implementation & Mgmt.
920-241: NCDS Alteon920-242: Contivity VPN Switch
920-246: Nortel WLAN 2300 Rls. 5.0 Implementation & Management920-247: Nortel Wireless LAN 2300 Rls.5.0 Solutions
920-249: Nortel Application Switch Rls.23.xConfig & Admin920-250: Passport 8600 Routing Switch
920-251: NCSS Alteon920-252: Ethernet Routing Switch 8600
920-254: Optivity NMS RLS.10.3920-255: Nortel Secuse Router Rls.2.0 Configuration & Management
920-256: Nortel VPN Router Ris.7.0 Solutions(NCDS)920-257: Nortel Secure Router Rls.3.0 Configuration Management
920-258: Nortel WLAN 2300 Rls.6.0 Planning & Engineering920-259: Nortel WLAN 2300 Rls.6.0 Implementation & Management
920-260: Nortel Secure Router Rls.10.1 Configuration & Management920-261: Nortel Application Switch Rls.24.x Configuration & Admin
920-262: Nortel Secure Network Access Switch Rls.2.0 Config & Mgmt920-270: Nortel WLAN 2300 Rls. 7.0 Planning & Engineering
920-271: Nortel WLAN 2300 Rls.7.0 implementation & Management920-316: SCCS/Express/TAPI/Web Client/Agent
920-320: Meridian 1 Database920-321: VoIP Succession 1000/1000M Rls. 3.0 DB Administrator
 920-324: Communication Server (CS) Rls. 4.0 Database Administrator
920-325: Communication Server (CS) Rls. 4.0 Software Installation & Maintenance920-328: MCS 5100 Rls.4.0 Planning & Engineering
920-330: Communication Server 1000 Rls.5.0 IP Networking Design920-331: Communication Server 1000 Rls. 5.0 Database Administrator
920-332: Communication Server 1000 Rls.5.0 Install & Commissioning920-333: Communication Server 1000 Rls. 5.0 Upgrades for Technicians
920-334: BCM50 Rls.3.0 & BCM200/400 Rls.4.0 Sales Engineering920-335: BCM50 3.0 Installation & Initial Configuration
920-336: BCM50 Rls.3.0 & BCM200/400 Rls.4.0 Installation, Config920-337: BCM50 Rls. 3.0, BCM200/400 Rls. 4.0 & BCM450 Rls. 1.0 Sales Engineering
920-338: BCM50 Rls.3.0 BCM200/400 Rls 4.0&BCM450 Rls. 1.0 Instal Con920-340: Nortel Software Communication System 500 Rls.2.0 Config
920-341: Nortel Software Communication System Rls. 3.0 Configuration920-344: BCM 50/450 Rls.5.0 Sales Engineering
920-345: BCM 50/450 Rls.5.0 Installation & Initial Configuration920-352: BCS 3000 Rls.1.0 Storage Networking Engineering
920-355: BCS 3000 Rls. 1.0 Storage Networking OAM920-360: Communication Server 1000 Rls. 6.0 Network Design
920-361: Communication Server 1000 Rls. 6.0 Database Administration920-362: Communication Server 1000 Rls. 6.0 Platform Arch and Upgrade
920-363: Communication Server 1000 Rls. 6.0 Installation & Management920-430: Communication Server 1000 Rls.5.0 Applications Engineering
920-431: Comm Server 1000 Rls.5.0 Installation & Troubleshooting920-432: Communication Server 1000 Rls5.0-BCM Rls.4.0 Multi-site
920-433: Comm Svr 1000 Upgrades to Rls.5.0 for Techs. Linux & Apps920-436: Communication Server 1000 Rls. 6.0 Advanced Engineering
920-441: NCDE Contivity Security920-442: NNCDE-Succession 1000/1000m 3.0
920-443: Succession 1000/1000M Rls. 3.0920-449: NCSE Contivity Security
920-452: Communication Server 1000 Ris.4.0 
920-457: CallPilot Ris.4.0 Unified Messaging Exam920-458: Unified Messaging
920-459: Nortel VPN Router Rls. 8.0 Advanced Configuration & Management920-460: NCSE Wireless LAN
920-461: NCDE Wireless LAN920-463: Ethernet Switching Design Expert
920-464: Nortel Converged Campus ERS Rls. 4.x/5.x Advanced Configuration & Maintenance920-465: Nortel Converged Campus ERS Rls. 4.x/5.x/6.x Solution Advanced Design
920-468: Nortel VPN Router Rls.7.0 Advanced Configuration & Mgmt920-469: Nortel Converged Campus ERS Rls. 4.x/5.x/6.x Advanced Configuration & Management
920-470: Nortel Unified Communications - Converged Office for CS 1000 Rls. 5.x Planning & Engineering920-471: Nortel Converged Office CS 1000 Rls.5.x Configuration & Networking
920-481: CallPilot Rls.5.0 Unified Messaging920-482: CallPilot Rls.5.0 Networking. Upgrades, & Troubleshooting
920-502: NNCSS-Optera Metro 3000920-503: Optical Multiservice Edge 6500 Operations and Maintenance
920-504: Carrier Ethernet Operations920-505: Optical Metro 3500 Operations and Maintenance
920-520: Nortel Agile Communication Environment (ACE) Rls. 1.x Design & Engineering920-521: Nortel Agile Communication Environment (ACE) Rls. 2.1 Design & Engineering
920-530: Carrier VoIP UA-IP Commissioning and Nodal Integration920-532: DMS SuperNode XA-Core Maintenance
920-533: Carrier VoIP - Communication Server 2000 Ė Compact920-534: Carrier VoIP Solution Engineering & Performance
920-537: Carrier VoIP Media Gateway 15000 Operations, Maintenance & Configuration920-544: Carrier VoIP Integrated Element Mgmt System (IEMS) Ops
920-553: Multiservice Switch 15K/20K-OAM in a Carrier VoIP Network920-556: CDMA P-MCS Commissioning and Nodal Integration
920-569: nncds-optera metro solutions920-804: Technology Standards and Protocol for Converged Networks
920-805: Nortel Data Networking Technology920-806: Nortel Advanced Data Networking Technology
920-807: Nortel Unified Communications Solutions: Business & Technology Fundamentals922-020: MCS 5100 Rls.4.0 Installation & Commissioning
922-021: MCS 5100 Rls. 4.0 Administration922-030: Carrier VoIP Engineering Fundamentals
922-031: Carrier VoIP Capacity Planning and Performance Monitoring922-040: Nortel ERS 8600 Rls. 5.x/8300 Rls. 4.x Advanced Configuration & Maintenance
922-060: Nortel Contact Center Rls. 7.0 Administration922-061: Nortel Contact Center Rls. 7.0 Networking
922-062: Nortel Contact Center Rls. 7.0 SCE Scripting922-071: BCM50 Rls.3.0 & BCM200/400 Rls.4.0 Config & Maintenance
922-072: BCM50 Rls. 3.0, BCM200/400 Rls. 4.0 & BCM450 Rls. 1.0 Installation, Configuration & Maintenance922-080: CallPilot Rls.5.0 Upgrades & System Troubleshooting
922-081: CallPilot Rls. 5.0 Networking922-089: Communication Server 1000 Rls.5.0 Upgrades for Engineers
922-090: Communication Server 1000 Rls.5.0 & IP Networking Design922-093: Communication Server 1000 Rls.5.0 System Admin & Management
922-094: Communication Server 1000 Rls.5.0 Dialing Plan Design & IP922-096: Comm.Server 1000 Rls.5.0 Branch Office Install & Comm
922-097: Nortel Communication Server 1000 System Upgrades to Rls. 5.0 for Technicians922-098: Communication Server 1000 Rls.5.0 Troubleshooting
922-099: Communication Server 1000 Rls.5.0 Linux Platform Base & App922-100: Communication Server 1000 Rls.4.0 to Rls.5.0 Delta
922-101: Communication Server 1000 Linux Platform Architecture922-102: Nortel Converged Office for CS 1000 Rls. 5.x Configuration
922-103: Communication Server 1000 Rls. 6.0 & IP Network Design922-107: Communication Server 1000 Rls. 6.0 System Administration & Management
922-108: Communication Server 1000 Rls. 6.0 Dialing Plan Design & IP Peer Networkin922-110: Communication Server 1000 Rls. 6.0 Installation & Commissioning
9L0-008: Apple Macintosh Service Certification9L0-062: Mac OS X v10.6 Troubleshooting
9L0-403: Mac OS X Support Essentials 10.69L0-510: Mac OS X Server Essentials 10.6 200
C_BOCR_08: SAP Certified Application Associate - Crystal Reports 2008 (C_BOCR_08)C_BODI_20: SAP Certified Application Associate - SAP BusinessObjects Data Integrator XI R2
C_BOWI_30: SAP Certified Application Associate - SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence XI 3.xC_EPMBPC_75: SAP Certified Application Associate - SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation 7.5
C_TB1200_88: SAP Certified Application Associate - SAP Business One 8.8C_TB1300_88: SAP Certified Development Associate with SAP Business One Release 8.8
ISEB-PM1: Foundation Certificate in Project ManagementISEB-SWT2: ISTQB-ISEB Certified Tester Foundation Level (BH0-010)
ISEB-SWTINT1: ISEB Intermediate Certificate in Software Testing (BH0-007)OG0-091: TOGAF 9 Part 1
OG0-092: TOGAF 9 Part 2PMI-RMP: PMI Risk Management Professional
PMI-SP: PMI Scheduling Professional Practice TestPSAT Math: Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test - Math
PSAT Reading: Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test - ReadingP_CRMMKT_70: SAP Certified Application Professional - Marketing with SAP CRM 7.0
P_CRMSLS_70: SAP Certified Application Professional - Sales with SAP CRM 7.0P_CRMSRV_70: SAP Certified Application Professional - Service with SAP CRM 7.0
P_SOA_EA_70: SAP Certified Professional Enterprise ArchitectTB0-111: TIBCO Rendezvous 8

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